How to protest

Here are some tips for successful protesting. The person shouting the loudest, loses. All all my discussions are low key and based on reason.

If you are planning to be arrested, my suggestion is to try and be the nicest person the officer has ever arrested. Before your encounter, remove all items that might mistaken for a weapon. If you have to bring a weapon to a protest, it means you must have a really weak argument. It is much more meaningful to be completely unarmed. You only need the strength of your argument if your cause is good and just.

When I was contemplating being arrested, I made it point to get rid of everything that could be misunderstood by an arresting officer. Even ink pens. Nothing even slightly sharp. Address the officer with complete courtesy and respect. They really don’t want anything to happen. Keep your hands visible and things like cell phones out and perhaps lying on the table in front of you.

Don’t make any sudden moves. Speak with reassuring tones in your voice. Things will go better for you if you do as I say.

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