Nebraska Nice*

The great State of Nebraska has a new advertising slogan. “Nebraska Nice” It’s true, many Nebraskans are truly nice, kind and helpful folks. Even though I’ve lived in Seattle for nearly 20 years, I still refer to Nebraska as HOME. The ties of family, farm and friends still bind me strongly and fondly to the Good Life that is Nebraska. I still get a hometown weekly paper. I could do a two-week vacation in Nebraska and not get it all done.  I am such a Nebraska advocate that I would guess nearly everyone I know in Seattle knows that I’m a very proud son of the great state of Nebraska. Sadly, I now have to put an Asterisk on “Nebraska Nice*” when I’m talking about back home. *because bigotry has gotten a foothold in Fremont, Nebraska.


  1. I don’t like this new ‘advertising’ slogan at all. It’s not true and one thing I like about the Midwest is usually it’s citizens aren’t liars. One problem with ‘Nebraska Nice’ this is that people in various parts of Nebraska have not been nice this week. The people in Fremont jailed you. Some people in Norfolk were also not nice this week. Children have been shot in Omaha. It’s been a rough week for people who want to believe in ‘Nebraska Nice.’ Keep on keeping on Mr. George.


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